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General Information
The mission of this department is to conserve the ancient Chinese culture while further develop the Chinese culture as a modern asset. In order to nurture more talents in teaching and linguistic research, we provided a wider learning range for the our students, including understanding of經、史、子、集, emphasis on 義理、詞章、考據, and appreciation in both ancient and new literature. 
 We would like our graduates to perform better and merge well into the modern world of technology, therefore several feature courses such as practical writing, journalism, theoretical mass communication, drama production, calligraphy, Chinese painting, classical Chinese poetry, dynamic web design, animation production, and themed literature were designed and provided in our department. Besides, we have been organizing the annual [Phoenix theatre festival], and [Phoenix prize for literature] to reward our students on their creativity and performing abilities.

 Master degree and doctoral degree were then offered based on our interest in additional finding about both classical and modern Chinese literature. The main goal behind it is to better organize the philosophy in Chinese learning, as well as to understand the Chinese history and philology.

 We, as the one and only Chinese language specialist in the Southern Taiwan, are also responsible in assisting the Chinese language tutoring and learning center in this area. The learners of this center are mainly foreigners from European, American, Asian, and African countries, where they were taught in one-to-one basis by students who majored in Chinese teaching and literary studies, so that students develop outstanding teaching ability at the same time.
Courses introduction
The courses in our department can be categorized into 5 areas:

1. Linguistics & Characters: research on linguistics, phonology, and characters;

2. Canons & Thoughts: research on aesthetics, Confucism, metaphysics, etc;

3. Classical Literature & Literature Theory: research on classical verse, novel, Tunghwang Materials, etc;

4. Modern Literature & Literature Theory: research on prose, poetry, and theater;

5.  Practical Literature: research on Chinese teaching materials and methods, Library Science, Computer Science, Journalistic Writing, etc.

         I.   We offer almost all types of compulsory courses including philology, phonology
history of chinese philosophy and history of chinese literature, classical poetry, and various Chinese classical literature. History related courses should be taken in two years after a thoughtful decision made by the department, for instance, history of literature should be taken in year 2 and 3, while history of philosophy should be taken in year 3 and 4. This allows the student in our department to have a stronger macroscopic fundamental learning. 

      II.   In the scope of modern literature, we are the only one higher institution who included courses like
Introduction of Literature, appreciation of modern novel, and appreciation of modern drama performing as mandatory courses. We strongly believe our decision will put the Chinese literature in the front of the modern world and make it a trend. More importantly, we are also the one and only institution who own a professional theater classroom for students enrolled in modern drama performing.

The mission of establishing Chinese literature department is to promote the learning of Chinese culture and to further develop it. Both classical and modern Chinese literature analyses are equally highlighted via understanding, renovating, and various ways of performing. However, the emphases are more onto classical literature, modern literature, practical and themed literature, classical poetry, philosophy, linguistic philology, and historical writing. The goal of this department is to nurture more knowledgeable individuals in academia, research, and innovation.

The MA in Chinese Literature has a mission of further discovery of classical and modern literature by merging Chinese philosophy and related research into it. Classical Chinese literature is mainly based on the historical writing from wei dynasty to song dynasty.However exploration of the modern literature, is responsible by modern literature research institute after it is founded.

Master in Chinese literature, specific in modern Chinese literature.The mission of having this major is to further discover the transformation of traditional classic writing to modern literature, as well as the theoretical type of writing in both eastern and western literature. Productions and books written by some famous Chinese authors and linguists will be well studied.

The mission of this major is to further study about classical Chinese literature from wei dynasty to song dynasty. Meanwhile, the students will have to expand learning in modern literature, Taiwanese classical literature, and oversea Chinese literature, and emphasize on Chinese literal philosophy and philology.